Our service is free of charge.
How is this possible?

Our services will cost you nothing: we are paid a commission fee by the hotels and venues. We can make the best price deals because we book accommodation in bulk. This is reflected in the price you pay, which is never more than you would pay if you were to book the venue yourself. Often you will even pay less. This is what we do – offering better service at lower rates. That’s a promise!

Hotel Booking Tool for Congresses and Events


The Perfect Location in 5 Steps


With a few questions we get to know all wishes for your request, after which we start the search for your perfect location. We find the locations with availability and negotiate the best rates and conditions.


You will receive an offer with 3 locations within 48 hours. This offer will state the most important information, to make it easy for you to compare. For individual rooms, we will send an offer within 2 hours.


If our first offer did not include the perfect venue, we will continue our search. When the venue is found, you will receive a confirmation. The venue will also receive it, so they will be aware of all your wishes.


Prior to the arrival date we will discuss all outstanding details with you. We will remind you of any deadlines and answer all questions the venue might have. If you wish, you can always contact the venue directly.


Afterwards we will evaluate the event. The location will send us the invoice which we will check. If you book with us more often, we can bundle the bookings and make one collective invoice.