The organisation in expert hands

Organising a conference involves a lot of hard work. Finding the perfect venue is the key to a successful event. Fortunately, you don´t have to do everything yourself. Such as finding the best conference venue and hotels to accommodate your conference attendees. With so many years of experience in the field, we know the facilities and can negotiate the best terms and conditions, whilst taking into account your specific wishes. This saves you time and effort in the run-up to your conference. And the best part – our work will cost you nothing!


Choosing from a range of options

Choosing a venue may not be easy. We will think with you, and know from experience what you should consider. Which equipment do you need? How many participants are there, and where do they come from? What about transportation? And catering? How far in advance should you book? When should you inform the venue of how many participants will come? And: which hotels can accommodate the participants? We will be happy to set out the various options for you and can join you when visiting the venues.

Venue in the city centre or outside?
How is the accessibility?
Do we need sub-rooms as well?
Catering in or outside the room?
Which hotels can we use?
Which equipment is needed?

Save costs

How is that possible? By bundling our bookings, we can negotiate excellent rates with the accommodations, better than if you were to arrange for your bookings yourself. It may be cheaper to book a package, rather than separate facilities, or even hire a third party for the catering. If a conference attracts a large number of participants, it may be possible to negotiate considerable discounts. We know the market, and how it works.

Hotel Booking Tool

Some people will want to stay near the venue, others in the city centre, and yet others away from the city´s bustle. We will find the perfect hotels and negotiate the best terms and conditions. We created a unique Hotel Booking Tool for this. Participants can simply go to this website to make their personal choice based on location and budget. After booking, the participant is sent confirmation via email.